Lemon juice for acne scars

Acne scars have been treated many different ways, but lemon juice? There have been a number of discussions about this home remedy but acne scars are defined, not as coloration changes, but textural depressions.  These depressed areas are involving the collagen of the dermis and are not improved by superficial chemical peels, such as with lemon juice.  Slight redness and brown discoloration of the acne blemish will often fade by itself but the chemical lightening including lemon juice can make some look better faster. The problem is that some individuals have more sensitive skin, and others may leave on the juice too long, and the citric acid can irritate and then cause post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.  This darkening, from the home treatment, could take months to go away.

Fraxel® laser and Portrait plasma resurfacing can help crater from scars which are the shallow smooth-edged scars.  Narrow deep ice pick scars are often treated first by doing punch grafts to fill them in.  This technique involves removal of the tiny scars and grafting tiny normal pieces of skin harvested from the skin behind the ear so it’s not a visible area. Those areas may be sewn together but the grafts on the acne scars do not need stitches. They are covered with sterile tape for a week or two.  Resurfacing with Fraxel® Restore, Fraxel® Repair or Portrait Plasma can then be done to improve the appearance even more.


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Ultherapy: A great treatment just got better!

Ultherapy®, introduced only two years ago, has revolutionized non-surgical facial rejuvenation. It may be the most promising treatment for overall skin tightening, according to the results of non-facial clinical tests. Patients and physicians agree that Ultherapy® is one of the greatest technologies developed in recent years. Now it’s better than ever!

This system uses a combination of ultrasound imagery and ultrasound therapy, in a patented technology called DeepSEE®. The dual capabilities of this device provide real-time, visual guidance, allowing us to deliver treatment with precision accuracy, and exceptional safety. One of the greatest features of Ultherapy® is customizable treatment.

The three-piece unit includes a base and hand-piece, along with interchangeable DeepSEE® transducers. What does that mean to you? It means that we can fine-tune your treatment, adjusting the amount of energy delivered, and the depth that it reaches. The base unit includes touch screen controls, and displays high quality images up to 8mm deep. The hand-piece allows for treatment from various angles, to accommodate facial and body contours. The transducer actually delivers ultrasound energy to a specific depth.

We can target various layers by changing the transducer. The 4.5mm transducer delivers energy to the sub dermal foundation, which was previously inaccessible by nonsurgical treatment. The 3mm transducer targets the deep dermis, without generating the surface heat associated with radio frequency therapy. With the introduction of the new 1.5mm superficial transducer, Ultherapy became more versatile than ever. We can now effectively target the dermis, safely treating delicate areas such as around the eyes and vertical lines around the lips.

Along with this new technology, Ulthera® has announced new treatment guidelines, resulting from intensive clinical trials. The treatment has been proven safe with a 40 percent increase in energy delivery, for greater effectiveness. The manufacturer recommends that experienced practitioners modify guidelines to customize treatment further, accommodating each patient’s individual needs. As one of the first practices in New York to offer Ultherapy®, the team at The New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP is experienced and exceptionally skilled in using this technology.

While Ultherapy® is not a replacement for a surgical facelift, it is a fantastic noninvasive alternative, offering many of the same benefits with no downtime, no healing, and no scarring. It is an excellent option for patients who have mild to moderate sagging, who wish to extend the results of surgery, and those who simply do not want to go under the knife. Call 212-593-1818 today and schedule a consultation to find out if Ultherapy skin rejuvenation is right for you.

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