Fraxel Laser and Portrait Plasma Facial Rejuvenation and Resurfacing

Portrait Plasma NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

Many people can achieve excellent results with photo rejuvenation in decreasing wrinkles, tightening skin and improving the texture from age and sun damage. Acne scars can improve. Additional aesthetic improvement can result from adjunctive volume enhancement for facial depressions if they exist.

Fine lines, deep folds, irregular yellow bumps, grooves and “cobblestone” appearance of the face occurs mostly from many years of sun damage. Sagging skin on the jaw line and deeper smile folds around the mouth, and falling eyelid skin hanging over the eyes, is not what you were accustomed to seeing on your face many years ago. Sun has more to do with the aged appearance of the face than one’s age. This damage to the elastic and collagen fibers of the infrastructure of the skin can be significantly improved with facial resurfacing. Technology has changed so much from the olden days when deep chemical peels, dermabrasion sanding, and carbon dioxide laser resufacing were done. There still is a place occasionally for these procedures but the wound that was created by these treatments had unwanted side effects such as a two week healing period with a lot of wound care and many months of redness and some people developed much paler skin color.

Currently, the newer plasma energy (Portrait® Plasma) resurfacing and Fraxel fractional laser resurfacing (Repair and Restore) allow for quicker healing, a more comfortable convalescence, and more natural appearing skin. Multiple gentle treatments can be given to lessen the down time or one deeper treatment can be given. Most patients heal within one week for the most aggressive treatment with Fraxel or Portrait. Depressed acne scars can raise up as a result of your body’s new collagen production from the treatment. The edges of the scars can be smoothened. Wrinkles are made less deep and fine lines can significantly improve. I have seen the badly weathered “cobblestone” surface of the skin vanish as a result of these procedures.

Fraxel Laser and Portrait Plasma Facial Rejuvenation and Resurfacing NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

No treatment is without risk. Interested patients should seek consultation with an experienced laser surgeon to learn if they are a candidate for the procedure, what the treatment entails, what the aftercare involves, and what all the risks are.

Many resurfacing procedures are performed with additional treatment to improve the results by adding Botox and fillers. Deep grooves can be lifted with the use of collagen, including Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, and Radiesse. Loss of facial fat from congenital conditions, trauma or age, creates an old and sickly appearance that can be corrected by fat injections (that’s right, taking excess fat out of one part of you and putting it back where you need it!), and Sculptra.

A product that may come to the market, and which has just completed the third FDA phase of testing, may help raise up scars and wrinkles by promoting your own collagen buildup, This involves injecting your own fibroblasts that are raised in a laboratory culture. These cells are the producers of your collagen and once the Isolagen is injected under your scars or wrinkles, your body will start to produce new collagen to help improve the contour of those areas. Keep watching for this exciting development in the media in the next year. Start writing here.


Solutions for Sagging Skin

Ultherapy NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

When you see wrinkles developing, you probably don’t think about what type of wrinkles they are. However, the cause, severity, and location of wrinkles, lines, or folds dictate the appropriate treatment.

Crow’s feet, lines between your eyes, and forehead wrinkles are most often the result of rigid facial muscles. This type of wrinkling can be treated effectively with Botox, which works by relaxing the facial muscles.

Diminished facial contours, thinning lips, and wrinkles around the mouth may be caused by the loss of facial volume. Dermal fillers can replace what has been lost, smooth winkles, and enhance facial contours.

Lax, hanging skin, such as jowls, may genuinely be excess. If the problem is mild to moderate, we may be able to treat it with minimally invasive procedures such as Ultherapy, which tightens and lifts skin with ultrasound technology. An excessive amount of sagging skin may require a surgical facelift procedure.

Aesthetic enhancement is highly individualized, requiring a customized treatment plan. For many patients, the best results are achieved through a combination of procedures, to address all issues effectively. It’s never too late to improve your skin, and take years off your appearance.

A one hour, less or more, procedure as an outpatient, without surgery and without down time delivers deep focused ultrasound energy to the deep dermis causing contraction of the connective tissue and tightening / lifting of the face and collagen production that continues to occur over six months after the treatment.

Ultherapy NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

Ultherapy is not a facelift, nor can it generate the same amount of lift that the skin will be raised in a face lift, but young patients and older patients are candidates for this treatment. A young person may just start to see the descent of their facial features. The eyebrows lose their arch and become flatter bringing down the upper eyelids which then develop a little hooding or crease. The mid cheek falls creating a mound over the smile crease and the jowls form over the jawline bringing down the corners of the cheeks. The skin of the neck under the chin becomes floppy or the muscle bands become prominent. Patients in their late thirties and early forties may seek such treatment to delay the time that there would be prominent sagging. People in their late 60s and 70s might have developed medical conditions or take medications that make a surgical facelift more risky.