Botox™ – popular and effective anti-aging treatment

Botox™ NYC – Dr Ron Shelton

Botox™ is one of the most popular anti-aging procedures in the United States today. It is a highly effective and swift procedure to correct aging signs such as facial lines and wrinkles. Botox™ is administered to a patient by means of an injection and specifically it can correct aging signs like forehead frown lines and lines between the eyes and at the base of the nose.

Botox™ achieves its famed anti-aging results by temporarily eliminating facial aging signs through the relaxation of the underlying muscles that cause those aging signs. Botox™ basically consists of the Botulinum toxin in a much diluted form and it has been proven to be safe for anti-aging treatment. In fact, Botox™ is an FDA approved product for the treatment of eye muscle disorders and eliminating frown lines. The results achieved from a Botox™ injection typically lasts for about four months. Therefore, if a patient is to maintain the achieved anti-aging results, the procedure should be undergone twice a year.

Ideal candidates for this immensely popular and effective anti-aging treatment are people who have a desire to see an enhancement in their aging signs without undergoing invasive and painful surgery. In other words, Botox™ is an ideal anti-aging treatment for patients who dislike the idea of undergoing cosmetic surgery and its related long downtime. However, Botox™ is not a treatment that should be undergone by women who are pregnant as physicians are still unaware of the effects that this treatment will have on a fetus. Moreover, people who suffer from neurological disorders should refrain from undergoing Botox™ treatments as well.

Botox™ NYC – Dr Ron Shelton


Belotero™ for Facial Wrinkles & Folds

Belotero™ Dermal Fillers NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

Cosmetic dermatological products that offer unparalleled anti-aging results are dermal fillers. Now, there’s a brand new addition to this family of products. This new dermal filler is Belotero® Balance. This is a unique and different product from the current dermal fillers. Belotero™ is specially designed to achieve integrative results with the skin by taking into account the uniqueness and individuality of each patient’s skin.

Belotero™ is a very versatile product with exceptional features not seen in other dermal fillers. These special features help Belotero™ to adapt inside the skin to provide corrections that are soft and balanced. In addition, the adaptability of this product has enabled it to correct both deep treatment regions such as nasolabial folds (lines created by smiling around the mouth) and delicate and soft regions like vertical lip lines (very thin lines above the lip).

Similar to many other current types of dermal filler, Belotero™ is also composed of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found naturally in the human body as a part of the skin. It provides anti-aging effects by binding with water to eliminate wrinkles and folds almost immediately following injection of the filler.

Belotero™ Dermal Fillers NYC - Dr Ron SheltonPatients who undergo this state of the art dermal filler can expect to see results almost immediately following injection. Belotero™ plumps up the skin and makes all the aging signs like wrinkles and lines to fade away. Although results can vary individually, patients can expect consistent results that should last for about four months.

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