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Radiesse™ New York - Dr. Ron Shelton NYC

Radiesse™ is a safe and highly effective anti-aging treatment that not only takes away aging signs but also provides lost volume in the face. Radiesse™ is a tailor-made product to reduce wrinkles and skin folds while correcting volume loss in the treatment area. RADIESSE™ is indicated for sub dermal implantation for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

and folds,Dermatologists normally use this product to correct aging effects like smile folds, temples and to provide volume to the cheeks. Furthermore, Radiesse™ has been known to be used as a temporary replacement for the chin implant procedure as well as to eliminate jowls in the jawline.

In addition to its anti-aging attribute, Radiesse™ is highly regarded as an effective facial contouring treatment. Patients who are looking to correct their aging signs and obtain lost volume in areas like the chin, cheek and mouth are highly suitable for what Radiesse™ can achieve. Dermatologists further use this product to either emphasize certain features in the face or make them softer.

The specialized texture in the Radiesse™ compound makes it an ideal anti-aging product to improve many areas in the face without causing adverse effects on feeling and sensitivity. Dermatologists normally administer Radiesse™ injections by mixing them with an anesthetic. As a result, the procedure becomes very comfortable without unbearable pain or discomfort for the patient.

Radiesse™ is an ideal procedure for patients between the ages of 35 and over 70. Younger and older patients have benefited from the use of the product. Patients who undergo the treatment, which lasts about 15 minutes, can expect to see visible and marked changes up to 80% immediately following the injection. The results achieved from this product normally last between eight and 12 months or more.

Radiesse™ New York - Dr. Ron Shelton NYC


Pelleve – Dr. Ron Shelton New York

Pelleve - Dr Ron Shelton New York

Most patients who desire to undergo anti-aging treatments often don’t have the luxury to take time off from their busy professional lives. Many surgical anti-aging procedures like facelifts are surgeries and they involve weeks of downtime, which these patients cannot allocate time to. It is for such patients that the Pelleve treatment is designed for.

The Pelleve treatment achieves anti-aging results through the use of constant radiofrequency energy. This energy is diverted deep into the skin where heat is generated where the skin and fat layers overlap. This constant and gradually increasing heating action stimulates the natural collagen in the skin and causes contraction of the saggy skin. As a result of Pelleve treatment’s heating action; natural collagen starts to produce over time, providing patients with younger-looking and firmer skin.

Although there are many other similar non-invasive anti-aging procedures available, Pelleve is different from them. This is because Pelleve offers significantly less pain and patients often describe the procedure as a warm massage. Other similar non-invasive skin tightening treatments require pain-relieving medication to be applied to the treatment area. However, the Pelleve treatment does not require such medication.

In addition to amazing anti-aging and aesthetic benefits, Pelleve is a very convenient treatment as well. Patients can expect to undergo the treatment in around one hour and they can immediately return to their normal routine without attracting unnecessary attention from onlookers. The changes achieved through the Pelleve treatment appear gradually and over time. Normally, the results from the Pelleve treatment continue to appear up to six months.

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