Fraxel NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

Fraxel™ is a laser treatment that is used to improve the texture of a person’s skin, enhance pigmentation issues, lessen wrinkles, and lessen acne scars in a short time period. Fractional laser was developed during the early 2000s. The skin that falls in the treatment area will be ablated using the fractional laser, and it will leave the patient’s skin lighter and smoother. While Fraxel™ is a deep treatment; the skin will heal rather fast. The reason for this quick healing is fact the surrounding skin heals the skin the treated area, which will result in fresh skin cells from the sweat glands, hair shafts, and oil glands.

Based on the strength of the laser that is used, the patient’s skin may become slightly flaky, and mildly bronze in color. Nevertheless, a Fraxel™ treatment results in a lesser period of recovery when compared to previous treatments which required nearly two weeks healing, similar to a second-degree burn. A Fraxel™ treatment is an ideal solution for the deep sun damage of the face, although fine lines in the region of the mouth and eyes do best with a combination of Botox and Fraxel. This treatment has a handheld device that will be applied to the skin, where a hundred tiny laser beams will improve the patient’s skin.

Usually, Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Dual treatments are performed in a series, done once per month. The number of treatments depends on the facial condition and patient’s skin type. A Fraxel™ treatment can significantly reduce acne scars. A person who has very dark spots may benefit by this treatment as it will smooth their skin by promoting collagen production, thus making it appear temporarily as a small sun burn or wind burn. The Fraxel Clear and Brilliant, which is gentler, can be done around every two or three weeks. Patients may find that their skin is softer, clearer, and smoother. When it comes to dealing with deep acne scars, a Fraxel™ treatment is suggested at intervals of three to four weeks.

Something that patients should know is that the Fraxel™ treatment is extremely safe as it projected to a precise, controlled depth. As a result of this, Fraxel™ is becoming a very popular and effective treatment for pigmentation or scarring issues.


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