Thermage NYC

Thermage NYC Dr Ron Shelton

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Thermage™ is a non-invasive, cosmetic dermatology procedure which is used to tighten loose skin on the face and many parts of the body. It is an effective procedure, has been proven to be very safe, and does not have a long recovery period, but as all procedures have risks, patients should discuss this with their doctor.

This procedure does not make use of lasers, but rather makes use of radiofrequency to go through the skin and create heat. Thermage™ delivers the radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of the patient’s skin, resulting in the stimulation of new collagen production. This leads to the existing collagen being interlaced better as well as better tightening of the patient’s skin.

Patients who choose Thermage™ should note that they do not have to pay for multiple treatment sessions. Thermage™ comprises of only a single treatment and it takes roughly half an hour to 90 minutes. If the patient thinks they need a second treatment, they can undergo it again after six months or more. However, the outcomes of a Thermage™ treatment are noted to last for several years.

There is only a small period of recovery associated with Thermage. Patients are not required to stay at home for days following the procedure. A small number of patients who undergo this procedure will have slight swelling and redness after the procedure; however it will fade away in two days. In comparison to the post-operative effects of other invasive laser treatments, the effects of Thermage™ are extremely mild.

As Thermage™ does not use a laser, skin of any type or color can be treated. Patients should know that with Thermage™, the risk of burning or scarring is minimal. Other laser procedures may lead to severe skin discoloration and scarring in patients who have dark skin. But with Thermage™, patients with dark skin can undergo the procedure much less risk of these issues.


CoolSculpting/Zeltiq New York City

CoolSculpting NYC Dr Ron Shelton


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CoolSculpting™ is a procedure which is mainly used to eliminate the pouch in the lower abdomen as well as love handles by cooling it; the fat actually gets frozen. Created by the company Zeltiq™, CoolSculpting™ makes use of a non-invasive device which leads to the loss of fat cells without having to go under the knife. The concept behind CoolSculpting™ was initially discovered in children who kept frozen popsicles in their mouth too long and permanently developed a thinner cheek from fat loss (popsicle necrosis).

When performing the procedure, the skin as well as fat component is inserted into the CoolSculpting™ device by means of suction. The whole procedure for treating one area will take roughly an hour. Every treatment session will involve cooling the fat. This procedure usually entails no recovery period and most patients do not experience any significant pain. There is a common sensitivity and patchy numbness temporarily in many people which is not disabling, lasting not more than a couple of days or few weeks. Ultrasound studies proved that the majority of patients exhibited 20% reduction of fat volume at the forth month, after one treatment. There is apparently an additive effect as the patient undergoes subsequent treatments that can be performed every four to six weeks apart.

Nevertheless, CoolSculpting™ does need some patience from the patient as its outcomes are not instantly visible; it normally takes around three weeks for the outcomes to start appearing. The reason behind this is that the body eliminates the fat cells that die from the freezing of the CoolSculpting™ procedure in a natural way. However, the most remarkable outcomes of the CoolSculpting™ procedure can be seen after around four to five months.

By undergoing a CoolSculpting™ procedure, patients can look better when in jeans, a bathing suit, or any other type of tight clothing. This procedure is ideal for people who are close to their ideal weight but are in need of help getting rid of certain stubborn areas of fat. With the introduction of CoolSculpting™, patients no longer have to opt for the invasive liposuction procedure to eliminate back (bra) fat, upper arm fat, love handles, tummy or a muffin top. The bra fat and upper arm fat are off-label uses; the CoolSculpting device not having been formally cleared by the FDA for those purposes but physicians can treat these areas legitimately after discussion with their patients about the treatment and its risks.


Ultherapy NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

For anyone who is seeking to improve their saggy skin non-surgically, Ultherapy is a great alternative. The benefits that Ultherapy offer help people to consider it as an ideal alternative to many surgical anti-aging procedures like the facelift and neck lift. Ultherapy is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that can improve aging signs by lifting and tightening the skin and enhance the complete texture and tone of the skin.

Ultherapy works to achieve such cosmetic improvements through the use of ultrasound energy. Ultrasound is a very safe technology that has been in use in the field of medicine for many years and it has been cleared by the FDA for the firming of skin and reduction of wrinkles.

Despite the relative good safety record, patients who choose to achieve anti-aging and skin tightening results through a surgical facelift are exposed to numerous risks, including infection and scarring. Moreover, they will have extensive downtime and recovery periods. Patients are further instructed to stay away from their regular routine during the recovery and downtime. The major surgical risks can easily be avoided while achieving some lifting from Ultherapy, although the results are never as dramatic as those from surgery.

The Ultherapy procedure achieves youthful results by using the ultrasound energy to penetrate into the skin and stimulate the production of the body’s own collagen. Once collagen starts to come back up, the saggy and loose skin tightens naturally. Patients may receive dramatic results in six to 12 months.

The ideal candidate for Ultherapy is one who does not have severe sun damage and is a non-smoker. Their face is just starting to form a jowl or a hanging neck, or their smile fold is deepening because the cheek is starting to descend. Their eyebrows may be dropping from a lack of support from their forehead. In such patients, Ultherapy can easily yet effectively improve the sagging and the laxity while dramatically contouring facial areas like the neck, brow line, and jowls.