Give yourself a Younger Appearance with Botox™ in NYC!


Botox™, which is the commercial name for the Botulinum Toxin, is an aesthetic dermatology treatment that is used to eliminate lines and wrinkles on the face. This treatment’s outcomes take around two days to a week to appear, and very rarely will it take over two weeks. What Botox™ does is it numbs certain muscles in the area to which it was injected, thus relaxing these muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face.

Apart from being an anti-aging treatment, Botox™ is utilized to treat spasticity in the muscles of patients who are unable to sit up straight or are crooked. For this purpose, neurologists use doses as high as 400 units, whereas only smaller amounts are used in dermatology such as 100 units or a little more. Contrary to popular belief, the duration and effectiveness of Botox™ is dependent on the units that are used and not the number of injections used.

The Botox™ treatment involves an injection to deliver it to the area that needs treatment. This results in the muscles in the treatment area becoming relaxed by blocking the signals that the nerve sends to the muscle. This treatment is ideal for aesthetic corrections for muscle of the forehead, the muscles amid the eyebrows, and the muscles around the eye. Apart from this, Botox™ is also used to treat crow’s feet, horizontal lines as well as vertical lines on the forehead. While Botox™ will help in reducing the action of the muscle, the lines and wrinkles will not immediately fade away; it will take a couple of days.

Although the aesthetic outcomes of a single Botox treatment will last for around six months, the patient will have to go back for touch-up treatments to make sure the results last for a longer period of time. If a patient uses Botox™ before the lines and wrinkles become very deep, they will notice a considerable improvement in the appearance of these facial lines in a couple of days after the injection.


Rejuvenate your Skin with FRAXEL™ in NYC!


The new Fraxel Dual™ treatment makes use of a laser to address a wide range of aesthetic problems. This treatment has been noted to produce far better results when compared to other similar treatments in just a couple of sessions. Furthermore, one noteworthy fact about this treatment is that is causes much less discomfort to the patient than carbon dioxide laser treatment!

Fraxel™ is a safe and mild alternative for people who do not want to undergo the conventional laser resurfacing. This treatment can effectively improve a wide range of aesthetic skin problems. These skin problems include aging skin, acne scars, enlarged pores, age spots, birthmarks, sun damage, and fin lines.

When compared to a dermabrasion treatment, which leads to all the skin being removed with a wire brush or a diamond wheel; Fraxel™ makes use of a laser that emits a narrow light beam that targets and improves problem areas that are microscopic The healthy cells that are found around this area will remain untouched. This way, the patient feels less pain or discomfort and it leads to faster healing as there are healthy cell left behind to make the quicken the healing process. The production of collagen will be increased, leading to the skin becoming tightened. Pigmentation will be normalized.

Fraxel™ is a slow and ongoing skin treatment. Because the process is gradual, it makes sure that the health and safety of the patient’s skin will be optimally maintained. With this laser treatment, patients are not bound to a period of recovery unlike most other treatments; they can get back to their daily schedule the following day, or even on the same day as the treatment itself. The only side-effects, if they can be called as such, are minor redness and inflammation in the treated area, which will disappear after a short while.

New York City hasn’t seen an eraser like Juvederm since high school

Juvederm NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

The wonderful people of New York City are full of energy, remaining socially active and vital in the workplace for decades longer than in the past. Most would like to keep some of their high school appearance to go along with that physical and cerebral vigor. Today we have terrific non-surgical, and non- or minimally invasive techniques to restore youthfulness.

Dermal fillers require only brief treatment visits with little or no downtime. These injectable fillers rejuvenate appearance in three ways:

  • Immediate volume. They add fullness right away, to plump lips; soften lines, wrinkles, and deep folds; and eliminate hollows. Juvederm, one of the products we use, is particularly effective for nasolabial folds from nose to mouth, and to bring up sad mouth corners. We also use it for lip enhancement and facial hollows at temples and cheeks.
  • Continued improvement. Dermal fillers stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen, the fibrous protein that gives skin a firm, smooth base. In addition, Juvederm’s clear gel hyaluronic acid formulation grabs and holds many times its own weight in water. That hydrates skin with youthful plumpness.
  • Combination treatment. Juvederm and other dermal fillers are an integral part of a combined program of non-surgical rejuvenation. We safely use fillers in conjunction with neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and skin tightening techniques such as Pellevé.

Our hallmark is to employ safe, FDA approved techniques, devices, and products in a customized rejuvenation plan that works with your skin type, lifestyle, budget, and time constraints. Most importantly, it meets your goals of a refreshed youthful complexion that doesn’t look “done.” Dr. Ron Shelton has more than 27 years of experience with fillers. We use Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, (Voluma will be added once FDA-approved), other dermal fillers, and additional anti-aging techniques to skillfully erase the years for outcomes that look natural – not frozen or artificial.

Pellevé is ironing the wrinkles out of New York City faces by tightening the sagging skin.

Pelleve NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

Mankind’s history of using thermal energy to smooth creases goes way back. The first method of flattening wrinkles out of cloth was devised in China centuries ago when a pot of hot coals was pulled over stretched fabric. We came up with the flat iron concept in the 17th century, and electric irons came into being in 1882. Thus began one of the most hated chores with the most loved results.

Today we put thermal energy to use to resolve facial wrinkles. Pellevé is a revolutionary technique for improvement of mild to moderate facial wrinkles without surgery!

Here’s how it works:

  • At an initial consultation, we talk about your rejuvenation goals and medical history. Most patients are good candidates for Pellevé since it is non-surgical and no medications are needed.
  • All you need to do is drink some extra water before your treatment visit. You relax while the Pellevé hand piece glides over areas for improvement. There’s no discomfort – it feels like a warm massage.
  • Treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes. During that time the device sends radiofrequency energy deep into skin, creating a thermal reaction. This heat disrupts collagen bundles, the fibers that give your skin youthful tautness. The body calls for additional collagen production, which continues to tighten skin with a firm foundation.
  • Your skin may be a bit pink and there is a possibility of mild swelling, but it clears quickly. You may return to work or your normal activities right after treatment, and wear makeup if you’d like. There is absolutely no downtime.
  • You feel the lift and skin is visibly tighter immediately. Improvement continues for up to six months.

No wonder New York City is so excited about Pellevé. It is kind of like ironing the wrinkles out of your face from the inside – in a single safe, pain-free treatment.