Pellevé is ironing the wrinkles out of New York City faces by tightening the sagging skin.

Pelleve NYC - Dr Ron Shelton

Mankind’s history of using thermal energy to smooth creases goes way back. The first method of flattening wrinkles out of cloth was devised in China centuries ago when a pot of hot coals was pulled over stretched fabric. We came up with the flat iron concept in the 17th century, and electric irons came into being in 1882. Thus began one of the most hated chores with the most loved results.

Today we put thermal energy to use to resolve facial wrinkles. Pellevé is a revolutionary technique for improvement of mild to moderate facial wrinkles without surgery!

Here’s how it works:

  • At an initial consultation, we talk about your rejuvenation goals and medical history. Most patients are good candidates for Pellevé since it is non-surgical and no medications are needed.
  • All you need to do is drink some extra water before your treatment visit. You relax while the Pellevé hand piece glides over areas for improvement. There’s no discomfort – it feels like a warm massage.
  • Treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes. During that time the device sends radiofrequency energy deep into skin, creating a thermal reaction. This heat disrupts collagen bundles, the fibers that give your skin youthful tautness. The body calls for additional collagen production, which continues to tighten skin with a firm foundation.
  • Your skin may be a bit pink and there is a possibility of mild swelling, but it clears quickly. You may return to work or your normal activities right after treatment, and wear makeup if you’d like. There is absolutely no downtime.
  • You feel the lift and skin is visibly tighter immediately. Improvement continues for up to six months.

No wonder New York City is so excited about Pellevé. It is kind of like ironing the wrinkles out of your face from the inside – in a single safe, pain-free treatment.


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