Give yourself a Younger Appearance with Botox™ in NYC!


Botox™, which is the commercial name for the Botulinum Toxin, is an aesthetic dermatology treatment that is used to eliminate lines and wrinkles on the face. This treatment’s outcomes take around two days to a week to appear, and very rarely will it take over two weeks. What Botox™ does is it numbs certain muscles in the area to which it was injected, thus relaxing these muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face.

Apart from being an anti-aging treatment, Botox™ is utilized to treat spasticity in the muscles of patients who are unable to sit up straight or are crooked. For this purpose, neurologists use doses as high as 400 units, whereas only smaller amounts are used in dermatology such as 100 units or a little more. Contrary to popular belief, the duration and effectiveness of Botox™ is dependent on the units that are used and not the number of injections used.

The Botox™ treatment involves an injection to deliver it to the area that needs treatment. This results in the muscles in the treatment area becoming relaxed by blocking the signals that the nerve sends to the muscle. This treatment is ideal for aesthetic corrections for muscle of the forehead, the muscles amid the eyebrows, and the muscles around the eye. Apart from this, Botox™ is also used to treat crow’s feet, horizontal lines as well as vertical lines on the forehead. While Botox™ will help in reducing the action of the muscle, the lines and wrinkles will not immediately fade away; it will take a couple of days.

Although the aesthetic outcomes of a single Botox treatment will last for around six months, the patient will have to go back for touch-up treatments to make sure the results last for a longer period of time. If a patient uses Botox™ before the lines and wrinkles become very deep, they will notice a considerable improvement in the appearance of these facial lines in a couple of days after the injection.


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