Rejuvenate your Skin with FRAXEL™ in NYC!


The new Fraxel Dual™ treatment makes use of a laser to address a wide range of aesthetic problems. This treatment has been noted to produce far better results when compared to other similar treatments in just a couple of sessions. Furthermore, one noteworthy fact about this treatment is that is causes much less discomfort to the patient than carbon dioxide laser treatment!

Fraxel™ is a safe and mild alternative for people who do not want to undergo the conventional laser resurfacing. This treatment can effectively improve a wide range of aesthetic skin problems. These skin problems include aging skin, acne scars, enlarged pores, age spots, birthmarks, sun damage, and fin lines.

When compared to a dermabrasion treatment, which leads to all the skin being removed with a wire brush or a diamond wheel; Fraxel™ makes use of a laser that emits a narrow light beam that targets and improves problem areas that are microscopic The healthy cells that are found around this area will remain untouched. This way, the patient feels less pain or discomfort and it leads to faster healing as there are healthy cell left behind to make the quicken the healing process. The production of collagen will be increased, leading to the skin becoming tightened. Pigmentation will be normalized.

Fraxel™ is a slow and ongoing skin treatment. Because the process is gradual, it makes sure that the health and safety of the patient’s skin will be optimally maintained. With this laser treatment, patients are not bound to a period of recovery unlike most other treatments; they can get back to their daily schedule the following day, or even on the same day as the treatment itself. The only side-effects, if they can be called as such, are minor redness and inflammation in the treated area, which will disappear after a short while.


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