Get your skin holiday ready with Juvederm in NYC


The holidays are fast approaching, and we all want to look great for those family gatherings and holiday parties. There is still time to enhance your lips, treat under eye hollows, and improve facial contours. Give yourself an early gift of a Juvederm treatment, you will party-ready, and this is truly a gift that keeps on giving, you can enjoy a more youthful look for months.

Juvederm is a crystal -clear dermal filler that helps the skin stay rejuvenated and fresh, corrects lines and wrinkles, and sculpts facial contours. This facial beauty treatment consists of a stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA) based gel. HA is a naturally occurring component of the body. It is prevalent in our eyes, joints, and skin; it is involved in the movement and growth of cells, plays a role in lubricating our joints, and provides smoothness and elasticity to our skin. It effectively binds water, protecting soft tissues and lubricating flexible parts of the body. The body accepts Restlyane’s gentle formula because it is based on familiar, beneficial, hyaluronic acid.

Small amounts of the transparent, smooth gel, injected into the treatment area supports the structure of the skin, softening, lifting, and smoothing the appearance of lines in the facial skin. Depending on the structure of the skin and the treatment area, the results can last up to nine months. The treatment time varies, but it usually takes under an hour.

Juvederm products have been used with terrific results in over 15 million treatments in 65 countries since 1996. The results are long lasting, but they are not permanent, periodic retreatment is necessary to maintain the effects over time.

Although aging is an inevitable part of life, we can always look our best with treatments such as Juvederm. It improves our appearance naturally, with immediate effects and long lasting results.


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