Refresh, renew, and revive your look with Portrait Plasma in NYC


We can’t stop the hands of time, but with an investment in ourselves, we can look our best for as long as possible. A wide range of treatments and products are available to keep our skin in tiptop shape. It is now easier than ever to look better than ever, we don’t have to age the way our parents did.

Science has brought us light based, radio frequency, and laser based, treatments to rejuvenate our skin. Portrait Plasma adds an innovative, highly effective, laser-free option. It utilizes the unique power of nitrogen-based plasma to reach below the surface of the skin and stimulate the remodeling of the skin’s structure.

As we age the characteristics and appearance of our skin change. The uppermost layer (epidermis) thins, making blemishes more visible, and the mid-layer of skin (dermis) gradually loses collagen, forming lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Portrait Plasma is a unique, in-office, non-invasive, technology that differs from lasers that treat only certain components of the skin.

The plasma energy treats 100 percent of the skin, maximizing the results. The heating action of the thermal energy targets epidermal cells that are old, dull, and photodamaged, while promoting collagen growth in the dermis. The device can be operated at various energy levels to achieve the results desired. Portrait Plasma has been cleared by the FDA for both facial and non-facial treatment of superficial skin lesions, wrinkles, seborrhoeic keratosis, actinic keratosis, and viral papillomata.

Low intensity treatments may cause redness and flaking for several days. The side effects of higher energy level treatments, redness, rawness and oozing browning, and flaking, can last from 7 to 10 days. Due to the natural regeneration process, the results may continue improving for up to a year, and can last several years, or more, depending on the intensity level of the treatment.


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