Patients in New York have questions about ThermiRF

I have answers. There are all kinds of products, gadgets, and services that make rejuvenation claims, but now and then a solution comes along that is truly exciting in its effectiveness and ease of use. ThermiRF is one of those breakthrough treatments.

Since this is new technology, let’s look at some of the questions patients in New York have been asking about ThermiRF.

What is ThermiRF?

ThermiRF is a family of compact devices that deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical and radiofrequency energy through a hand piece. It is non-surgical, and depending on the application, a non-invasive or micro-invasive technique.

What does it do?

For wrinkle reduction, ThermiRF relaxes muscles in a way similar to Botox or Dysport, but without injected medications. It tightens tissues by stimulating collagen synthesis. With the use of a tiny cannula, ThermiRF can melt fat in very specific areas. I use it for long-term reduction of frown lines, wrinkle treatment, skin tightening, to provide lift, and to improve contours.

Where can it be used?

ThermiRF is ideal for small areas and those that are difficult to treat with conventional procedures:

  • Forehead frown lines
  • Under the chin
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Knees

Is it safe?

ThermiRF is very safe. It is cleared by the FDA, and the device is the first of its kind with exclusive temperature control technology. This feature eliminates thermal spikes, helping to ensure patient comfort and reliable outcomes. The controls and monitoring system are built-in, and I and my staff have special training in administering ThermiRF treatment. Only local anesthetic is needed, if any. Treatment time is brief, and there is no downtime. My patients return to their regular activities right after an appointment.

ThermiRF is effective, convenient, and results are long lasting. It’s how New York is looking great without surgery.


Voluma – the injectable NYC has been waiting for


There’s a common misconception about wrinkles. Plenty of people believe that skin stretches over time, drooping into folds. While that can happen to the body in the case of extreme weight gain and loss, facial wrinkles are formed in a different way.

The amount of skin on your face remains fairly static throughout your adult life. What changes is the volume supporting it. That volume comes from hydration, fat, muscle, and bone, all of which naturally diminish as you age. You might imagine it as removing the stuffing from a pillow. Voluma is a new injectable solution to lost facial volume, from the manufacturer you know and trust – Juvederm. My patients in NYC have been waiting for this breakthrough, and I’m pleased to deliver it.

Voluma is a smooth, clear gel formulated with hyaluronic acid. The “acid” word sounds scary, but HA is natural component of your body, found in joints, connective tissues, and eyes. The amazing thing about HA is that it captures about 1,000 times its own weight in water. That gives Voluma incredible capacity to plump facial tissues immediately, and to continue to hold volume long term.

I identify areas of your face such as the apex of your cheek, the “apple,” and the hollow beneath your cheek bone that need additional volume. A few injections into precise points restore youthful lift and give an appearance boost to the whole face. Voluma works very well in conjunction with neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, and other dermal fillers as part of a customized rejuvenation program. There is essentially no downtime – my patients typically return to normal activities the next day.

Why else might you want to consider Voluma? It is currently the only dermal filler approved by the FDA to add instant volume to the cheek area, and it lasts up to two years!

Who’s the Best Doctor in NYC for Fraxel laser?


What makes a good doctor? How can one doctor be the best at a procedure, in other words what makes a good cosmetic dermatologist?

Dr. Ron Shelton, the director of The New York Aeshetic Consultants, LLP says, “There are many aspects of providing medical care that are important. It’s not just picking a doctor who has great results. The evaluation / consultation is very important to make certain that the patient is a candidate for the procedure and that there are no contraindications or reasons to avoid doing the procedure out of concern that there might be an undue risk of complications.” This may only become apparent to the doctor if a good medical history his taken and if a good skin examination is done.  Furthermore, the doctor must convey to the patient the course of convalescence so the patient understands the nature and severity of the “down time,”  if any exists.  Dr. Shelton prides himself on being a great communicator with his patients.

The New York Aesthetic Consultants was one of three NYC practices that first obtained the Fraxel Restore Laser. Having had the laser in his practice this long, Dr. Shelton has become an expert at acne scar treatment with the Restore and the new and improved, Fraxel Dual laser, is excellent in reducing the dark brown coloration of sun damage and occasionally, melasma. A series of Fraxel laser has produced similar, if not better, results in some acne scar patients compared with one aggressive ablative carbon dioxide laser with virtually no down time.

Dr. Shelton has investigated which products work best to precondition the skin prior to Fraxel laser, if needed for that particular patient, and which creams are helpful post laser to expedite the healing.

If you think Fraxel laser would benefit you and your skin, then call The New York Aesthetic Consultants to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shelton, at 347-732-5566.

Who’s the best doctor in NYC for Ultherapy?


Dr. Ron Shelton, the director of The New York Aeshetic Consultants, LLP, both holds an academic position as an Associate Professor at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, where he teaches dermatology residents and international cosmetic dermatology fellows, and Dr. Shelton also has a very successful cosmetic dermatologic surgical practice in which he has performed many Ultherapy procedures since  shortly after FDA clearance was given for the device.  Dr. Shelton has had hands on training with the inventor of Ultherapy and has perfected its technique in his own office.

Dr. Shelton has the latest upgrade on the Ultherapy unit and appreciates, how without surgery, he can provide lifting to sagging facial skin.  He always personally sees his patients first in consultation, to ensure that they are candidates for Ultherapy.  During the consultation he explains to his patients what they may see as a result of the procedure. For some patients, it is a lifting of the forehead to raise the eyebrows, which in turn, help lift the sagging upper eyelids.  Many women first notice their upper eyelids are sagging because they need to lift the upper lid with one hand while applying eyeshadow with the other. They may not be ready for a blepharoplasty surgery and the Ultherapy may be a good alternative for them.  Many times, a combination of Botox chemical brow lift and Utlherapy help produce even a better result.

Ultherapy helps bring the lower cheek sagging into the mid cheek area from where it came. This produces a more youthful appearance without surgery.  The smile creases may improve with this technique.  Ultherapy also helps tighten sagging necks and provides a better neck and jaw profile.

Dr. Shelton helps his patients feel more comfortable during the procedure by giving them oral medication and his assistants are always at the patient’s side providing TLC.

Some patients are not good candidates and are not expected to obtain good enough results from the Ultherapy. This may be a terribly sun-damaged person whose elasticity has been damaged, or a person who is very elderly and has very thin skin and excessive jowls.  Dr. Shelton always is very clear with his patients to let them know if a procedure in which they’re interested is not the best for them.

Ultherapy is a great treatment for non-invasive facial rejuvenation.

Who is the best doctor in NYC for fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero and Voluma?

There is no one best doctor for any treatment.  Patients should find a doctor who is good at listening to their concerns. Some doctors treat the face the way they feel it should be without communicating that with their patient and the patient is surprised at the end to have a result they weren’t expecting.  Dr. Ron Shelton, of The New York Aeshetic Consultants, LLP, consults with all new and returning patients to review, with the patient looking at a mirror, and determining where fillers should be used to lift depressions and improve folds and wrinkles. Some areas may be best served by Botox injections and others by fillers. Some areas need more than one filler, the thicker fillers injected into deeper planes and more thin fillers placed in to the superficial compartments.

Temples often hollow out with age and filling in this contour depression with fat injections, or Radiesse or  Voluma significantly rejuvenates a face and makes one look more healthy and vibrant.  Sunken cheekbones and mid facial areas cause more unsightliness of smile folds as the skin hangs over this area. Voluma  and Radiesse to these areas with Juvederm, Restylane or Belotero to the smile folds often create a wonderful refreshed appearance. Some smile folds need a layered technique of different fillers to build them up.

Fine tuning along the jawline and chin can make the profile more youthful.

The doctor you choose to inject your fillers should have an artistic but conservative attitude and gentle technique. They should be very well aware of the facial anatomy and produce natural-looking results.  It doesn’t help one to look filled in if the incorrect positioning of the filler or an excessive volume of filler is responsible for an alien appearance that is noticeable from a distance when walking down the street.

For more than twenty years, Dr. Shelton has taught cosmetic dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. The first five years he held a full time academic position but has maintained a voluntary teaching appointment while in private practice. He has taught many dermatologists from many different parts of the world in his technique of cosmetic dermatology and fillers.  Dr. Shelton is well-respected by his colleagues and has published many articles in his specialty’s medical journals and textbooks.

Who is the best doctor for Voluma in NYC?



Dr. Shelton, the director of The New York Aesthetic Consultants, a multigroup cosmetic practice on the Upper EastSide of Manhattan, strives to produce natural looking results to refresh his patients rather than making them look artificial and alien.  He is an associate professor of the Mounts Sinai Medical Center in NYC and teaches  his techniques to many physicians.

Voluma, a hyaluronic acid filler, is designed to provide fullness to the cheekbone area of the mid face. As we age, we lose fat mass deep in the face, below the muscles and above the bone.  This fat loss contributes to a lack of support that lowers the mid cheek into the lower cheek and the smile folds worsen and jowls begin to form.  Flattening and even a concave depression in the mid face area creates a contour of the face that we perceive as of being old. Slight improvement or refreshing this appearance, without changing the patient’s face to something it never was, creates an immediate rejuvenization. Patients look natural.

Dr. Shelton listens to his patient’s concerns and shows them with a mirror what they may expect by having Voluma injections.  The procedure is a relatively easy procedure for the patient to experience and there is minimal downtime. With any injectable though, one has to be prepared for possible bruising and one should not do the treatment right before a big social event. Some patients know they are prone to bruising and they should allow two weeks before an important function if they have bruising from Voluma or other fillers or Botox.

Who has the best reviews for CoolSculpting in NYC?


The New York Aesthetic Consultants in NYC, directed by Dr. Ron Shelton, has been performing the CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment since it was first made available.  Dr. Shelton constantly upgrades the device and obtains the latest software and applicators so that the treatment his patients receive in his practice is the most current. Dr. Shelton is  well-respected among his peers. He had created the Division of Dermatologic Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in 1993 and maintains an active teaching role. His book on Liposuction was published by Penguin Putnam and he has published many scientific articles in medical journals.

The great number of applicators allow a better chance to produce a good fit on the desired area of fat reduction.  The fat cells freeze earlier than skin and the fat cells die as a response to the cold temperature.  Approximately 20% of fat cells are gone forever at four months post treatment.  CoolSculpting truly has evolved into a sculpting treatment. No longer is it merely applying one large applicator to the belly, but seeing the different bulges and mapping out different shaped and sized applicators that overlap and produce a better, flatter and more widespread shaping of the abdomen, or love handles and other parts of the body that the doctor can use as an off-label procedure.

Some patients need a second treatment which can be as soon as a month later, whereas others prefer to wait for four months.  It is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly as CoolSculpting, nor liposuction, can prevent weight gain if one consumes too many calories for their needs. 

Each applicator takes one hour and the number of applicators needed will be reviewed with each patient for their customized CoolSculpting plan during their consultation with Dr. Shelton so the patient will know how to schedule their treatments.