How Do I find a good New York City doctor for Botox?

Dr Ron Shelton NYC

Dr Ron Shelton

Dr. Ron Shelton wrote a book that is very easy to understand and explains the cosmetic uses of Botox. This was published by Penguin Putnam publishers.  Dr. Shelton teaches cosmetic dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC to dermatology residents and he has international cosmetic dermatology fellows that rotate in his office for observation of his skills.

Dr. Shelton treats many dermatologists who choose to come to him so they can receive Botox treatment. Who else is better to judge who is the right cosmetic dermatologist for them than a dermatologist who injects Botox in their patients?

Dr. Shelton is very conservative and listens to his patients concerns and explains the approach prior to treating his patients with Botox. It is very important that his patients receive a natural appearance and not be overdone.

Contact our office to schedule your Botox treatment on 347-732-5566.


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