Who has the best reviews for CoolSculpting in NYC?


The New York Aesthetic Consultants in NYC, directed by Dr. Ron Shelton, has been performing the CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment since it was first made available.  Dr. Shelton constantly upgrades the device and obtains the latest software and applicators so that the treatment his patients receive in his practice is the most current. Dr. Shelton is  well-respected among his peers. He had created the Division of Dermatologic Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in 1993 and maintains an active teaching role. His book on Liposuction was published by Penguin Putnam and he has published many scientific articles in medical journals.

The great number of applicators allow a better chance to produce a good fit on the desired area of fat reduction.  The fat cells freeze earlier than skin and the fat cells die as a response to the cold temperature.  Approximately 20% of fat cells are gone forever at four months post treatment.  CoolSculpting truly has evolved into a sculpting treatment. No longer is it merely applying one large applicator to the belly, but seeing the different bulges and mapping out different shaped and sized applicators that overlap and produce a better, flatter and more widespread shaping of the abdomen, or love handles and other parts of the body that the doctor can use as an off-label procedure.

Some patients need a second treatment which can be as soon as a month later, whereas others prefer to wait for four months.  It is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly as CoolSculpting, nor liposuction, can prevent weight gain if one consumes too many calories for their needs. 

Each applicator takes one hour and the number of applicators needed will be reviewed with each patient for their customized CoolSculpting plan during their consultation with Dr. Shelton so the patient will know how to schedule their treatments.


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