Who’s the Best Doctor in NYC for Fraxel laser?


What makes a good doctor? How can one doctor be the best at a procedure, in other words what makes a good cosmetic dermatologist?

Dr. Ron Shelton, the director of The New York Aeshetic Consultants, LLP says, “There are many aspects of providing medical care that are important. It’s not just picking a doctor who has great results. The evaluation / consultation is very important to make certain that the patient is a candidate for the procedure and that there are no contraindications or reasons to avoid doing the procedure out of concern that there might be an undue risk of complications.” This may only become apparent to the doctor if a good medical history his taken and if a good skin examination is done.  Furthermore, the doctor must convey to the patient the course of convalescence so the patient understands the nature and severity of the “down time,”  if any exists.  Dr. Shelton prides himself on being a great communicator with his patients.

The New York Aesthetic Consultants was one of three NYC practices that first obtained the Fraxel Restore Laser. Having had the laser in his practice this long, Dr. Shelton has become an expert at acne scar treatment with the Restore and the new and improved, Fraxel Dual laser, is excellent in reducing the dark brown coloration of sun damage and occasionally, melasma. A series of Fraxel laser has produced similar, if not better, results in some acne scar patients compared with one aggressive ablative carbon dioxide laser with virtually no down time.

Dr. Shelton has investigated which products work best to precondition the skin prior to Fraxel laser, if needed for that particular patient, and which creams are helpful post laser to expedite the healing.

If you think Fraxel laser would benefit you and your skin, then call The New York Aesthetic Consultants to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shelton, at 347-732-5566.   http://www.thenyac.com/index.html


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