Who’s the best doctor in NYC for Ultherapy?


Dr. Ron Shelton, the director of The New York Aeshetic Consultants, LLP, both holds an academic position as an Associate Professor at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, where he teaches dermatology residents and international cosmetic dermatology fellows, and Dr. Shelton also has a very successful cosmetic dermatologic surgical practice in which he has performed many Ultherapy procedures since  shortly after FDA clearance was given for the device.  Dr. Shelton has had hands on training with the inventor of Ultherapy and has perfected its technique in his own office.

Dr. Shelton has the latest upgrade on the Ultherapy unit and appreciates, how without surgery, he can provide lifting to sagging facial skin.  He always personally sees his patients first in consultation, to ensure that they are candidates for Ultherapy.  During the consultation he explains to his patients what they may see as a result of the procedure. For some patients, it is a lifting of the forehead to raise the eyebrows, which in turn, help lift the sagging upper eyelids.  Many women first notice their upper eyelids are sagging because they need to lift the upper lid with one hand while applying eyeshadow with the other. They may not be ready for a blepharoplasty surgery and the Ultherapy may be a good alternative for them.  Many times, a combination of Botox chemical brow lift and Utlherapy help produce even a better result.

Ultherapy helps bring the lower cheek sagging into the mid cheek area from where it came. This produces a more youthful appearance without surgery.  The smile creases may improve with this technique.  Ultherapy also helps tighten sagging necks and provides a better neck and jaw profile.

Dr. Shelton helps his patients feel more comfortable during the procedure by giving them oral medication and his assistants are always at the patient’s side providing TLC.

Some patients are not good candidates and are not expected to obtain good enough results from the Ultherapy. This may be a terribly sun-damaged person whose elasticity has been damaged, or a person who is very elderly and has very thin skin and excessive jowls.  Dr. Shelton always is very clear with his patients to let them know if a procedure in which they’re interested is not the best for them.

Ultherapy is a great treatment for non-invasive facial rejuvenation.


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