Patients in New York have questions about ThermiRF

I have answers. There are all kinds of products, gadgets, and services that make rejuvenation claims, but now and then a solution comes along that is truly exciting in its effectiveness and ease of use. ThermiRF is one of those breakthrough treatments.

Since this is new technology, let’s look at some of the questions patients in New York have been asking about ThermiRF.

What is ThermiRF?

ThermiRF is a family of compact devices that deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical and radiofrequency energy through a hand piece. It is non-surgical, and depending on the application, a non-invasive or micro-invasive technique.

What does it do?

For wrinkle reduction, ThermiRF relaxes muscles in a way similar to Botox or Dysport, but without injected medications. It tightens tissues by stimulating collagen synthesis. With the use of a tiny cannula, ThermiRF can melt fat in very specific areas. I use it for long-term reduction of frown lines, wrinkle treatment, skin tightening, to provide lift, and to improve contours.

Where can it be used?

ThermiRF is ideal for small areas and those that are difficult to treat with conventional procedures:

  • Forehead frown lines
  • Under the chin
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Knees

Is it safe?

ThermiRF is very safe. It is cleared by the FDA, and the device is the first of its kind with exclusive temperature control technology. This feature eliminates thermal spikes, helping to ensure patient comfort and reliable outcomes. The controls and monitoring system are built-in, and I and my staff have special training in administering ThermiRF treatment. Only local anesthetic is needed, if any. Treatment time is brief, and there is no downtime. My patients return to their regular activities right after an appointment.

ThermiRF is effective, convenient, and results are long lasting. It’s how New York is looking great without surgery.


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