Pellevé gives New York City patients firmer skin without pain



Click on the above image to view the video.

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was the only solution to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Today, however, men and women in New York City are fortunate to have a variety of convenient and cost effective, surgery free options. These non- and minimally invasive treatments are ideal for patients who need more rejuvenation than a topical cream can deliver, but aren’t ready for cutting, sutures, recovery time, or scars.

During an initial consultation, I often hear the concern, “will it hurt?” While we take every measure to ensure that patients have comfortable treatment experiences, I make it a rule to answer questions like that very frankly. Procedures like injectables that pierce the skin naturally pinch a little, and some patients are sensitive to treatments that heat or cool deep tissue layers. I can, however, assure every patient that skin tightening treatment with Pellevé is not painful. In fact, if there is any sensation of pain, the patient is supposed to tell the provider who dials down the energy. It’s actually a pleasant sensation for most people and it is often described as a deep heat massage.

We use a mobile hand piece to basically give a facial massage. As the device sends radiofrequency energy to the deep skin strata that meets the fat layer, it creates a warming sensation – but it is not at all painful. No anesthesia is needed, and normal activities (including wearing makeup) may be resumed right away.

The RF energy creates a thermal response in the skin’s collagen bundles. They contract and produce new collagen, providing a firm, smoother foundation for surface skin. Results that are immediate are from microscopic swelling. Fine lines look better and this is often used by patients to have a treatment a day before an evening function to look better. The real improvement occurs as skin tone and texture continues to occur over three to six months. Four treatments are ideally done as a series, two to three weeks apart. The improvement can last more than a year and maintenance treatment can help one stay ahead of the aging curve. I’m pleased to offer Pellevé to patients of The New York Aesthetic Consultants. This pain-free skin tightening option is very effective, alone or in combination with other treatments like neuromodulators (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers, and skin resurfacing techniques.


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