Insight on CoolSculpting® for patients in New York City

The City that Never Sleeps is home to some of the most beautiful bodies in the world. An increasing number of them are getting a little help from a new fat reduction procedure called CoolSculpting®. This FDA-cleared device is a revolutionary approach to fat reduction. It destroys fat cells by freezing them (without harm to skin or other organs) so that they may be flushed from the body naturally.

I find that patients in New York City have some misconceptions about CoolSculpting®. So, let’s clear them up.

What CoolSculpting® IS

  • A means to eliminate stubborn inches (not necessarily pounds) from the midsection, thighs, and upper arms.
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive, so there’s no downtime following treatment.
  • Safe for most adult men and women, since no drugs are needed.
  • In many cases, less costly than liposuction.
  • Virtually painless. Patients feel pressure as tissue is pulled into the device, then a cold sensation. There can be mild tingling or soreness for a few days afterward.
  • Long lasting. Since the adult body does not generate new fat cells, if weight is gained in the future, it won’t be in treated areas.
  • Very popular. In a recent RealSelf survey, seven out of ten patients said they’d do it again.

What CoolSculpting® is NOT

  • A license to binge on unhealthy foods or skip regular physical activity. It’s intended for obstinate areas of fat that don’t respond to healthy diet and exercise.
  • A solution for sagging skin. Not to worry, though – several effective, non-surgical skin tightening techniques are now available.
  • A method for instant results. It takes about an hour to treat each area, and your body needs up to a few months to eliminate the destroyed fat cells.

The CoolSculpting procedure evolved into a greater sculpting technique than when the device first was designed. Different shapes and sizes of applicators allow the physician to choose what is the best applicator for the specific area and often, there are several that are applied in a slightly overlapping fashion within one cosmetic unit. This often creates a better result. Not all patients obtain the same excellent changes with CoolSculpting, but some ideal candidates have been noted to have results as good as liposuction. Other patients benefit from having a second treatment that can be after a one month interval or longer. The 20% volume reduction of fat quoted in initial studies was realized from ultrasound measurements. The multiple applicator process seems to improve this result in many patients.

Some patients have asymmetry in their body shape and it is important to see a knowledgeable physician to determine the candidacy of a patient before they undergo treatment with CoolSculpting. If there is marked difference from one side to the other, the placement of the applicators may be done to help create a more symmetric shape, if possible.

ImageOur NYC practice has a very high patient satisfaction rate with CoolSculpting.


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