Frustrated NYC patients find satisfaction with ThermiRF™ skin tightening

Thousands of New Yorkers work hard to beat the clock. They eat nutritious foods, try hard to get sufficient sleep, look after their health, and take care of their skin. If you are one of them, kudos to you! Those precautions go a long way toward maintaining a youthful appearance, but they can’t stop sagging skin from forming.

 Collagen is a fibrous protein that creates a strong meshwork giving skin a robust sub-structure and thick epidermis for firm, youthful appearance. As you age your skin produces less collagen. It becomes thinner and slack. This is especially apparent in areas where gravity has an impact, such as the face, cheeks, jowls, and neck. How’s that for frustrating?

 I can help, with a revolutionary, non-surgical skin tightening treatment called ThermiRF™. The technology is described as “micro-invasive” because it involves insertion of a fine probe just under the skin to precisely direct radio frequency energy. That creates a deep thermal response without harm to surface skin. It targets deep skin layers to stimulate collagen production. As new collagen bundles form, the dermis thickens and contracts, leaving skin fortified, firmer, and younger looking.

 The ThermiTight™ procedure typically takes about an hour and you may return to normal activities the next day. Most patients see immediate tightening, with additional improvement over the next three to six months as collagen rebuilds. Several treatments may be needed for optimal firming. While we can’t yet stop the natural aging process, ThermiRF™ results are long-lasting. That is satisfying!

 ThermiRF™ is approved by the FDA for skin tightening. Because treatment is non-surgical, most reasonably healthy patients are good candidates. I take extra steps, including use of local anesthetic, to minimize your discomfort during treatment. The cool tip of the probe enters your skin and you feel a sensation of warmth as I gently manipulate it.

 Skin tightening with ThermiRF™ effectively lifts the face and neck without surgery. Call me today at 212-593-1818 to discuss whether ThermiRF™ might be a good compliment to your facial rejuvenation program.





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