Firming and toning the outer thighs is easy when you visit an experienced NYC area dermatologist

Changes occur with time in many areas of the body. We notice skin beginning to loosen and sag on the face, neck, and even the knees. Skin on the hands can become thin and crepey. Additionally, we may find it more difficult to keep unwanted fat from depositing in certain areas, such as the outer thighs or the hip area. NYC dermatologist Dr. Ron Shelton has solutions for the concern of unwanted fat, one of which requires no incisions and no downtime.

CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™ uses innovative technology to achieve noticeable results in men and women. Dr. Shelton and his team have completed extensive training in this treatment, above what is required, and have received well-deserved recognition as a CoolSculpting Center of Excellence. The reputation we have built is based on unparalleled care and patient satisfaction.

How CoolSculpting™ works

Non-surgical, non-invasive CoolSculpting™ treats fat cells in the chosen treatment area with precise temperatures. Research has shown that the right degree of cold can safely destroy fat cells, causing their natural elimination from the body. The procedure can last from one hour to several, depending on the size or number of treatment areas.

CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™ is an excellent way to reduce fat stores naturally. With proper treatment, it is possible to see as much as a 20 percent reduction in fat in the treated area. In consultation with Dr. Shelton, patients discuss their aesthetic concerns and learn about the suitability of CoolSculpting™. If this procedure is chosen, treatment can be scheduled accordingly. Dr. Shelton personally evaluates all of his patients who wish to undergo CoolSculpting. In the past several years, the technique has evolved to a more artistic sculpting rather than just applying an applicator to the largest bulge.

During a treatment session, the patient is positioned comfortably where Dr. Shelton or one of his trained staff can easily access the treatment area. The CoolSculpting™ cooling panels will apply suction to the skin and tissue in the treatment area, pulling them firmly between where sufficient cooling can take place. The panels and suction will remain consistent for the determined length of time, cooling cells and tissue for the desired effect.

Due to the nature of metabolizing and elimination, results from CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™ in our Manhattan practice will be most noticeable after a few months, though changes will begin to appear in the first month after treatment. For up to four months after a CoolSculpting™ session, the body will continue to eliminate unwanted fat in the area treated.

We are happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with care tailored to your needs. Call 212-561-5808 today.


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