Find treatment options for saddle bags in the Manhattan area of NYC

One of the common concerns we hear from women is the development of unwanted areas of fat called “saddle bags.” This problem occurs in the area of the outer thighs and around the buttocks and hips. The difficulty with saddle bags is that the problematic area may not respond to exercise alone, at least not as quickly as one would wish.

In the Manhattan area of NYC, one can easily find viable treatment options for saddle bags. Dr. Ron Shelton and his aesthetic team are extensively experienced in a number of different procedures. In addition to winning the approval of discerning men and women all over New York City, our office has been recognized in reputable outlets such as the New York Times magazine, which named Dr. Shelton as one of 2014’s Top Doctors in the area.

Under our care, you can find your best solution for saddle bags and other areas of concern. Essentially, saddle bags develop as fat cells accumulate in the area of the upper thighs and buttocks. Unfortunately, with our way of life being so sedentary, this problem can be difficult to avoid. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise can be well complemented by treatment for the reduction of unwanted fat. In our practice, patients have options for surgical and non-surgical body contouring.

Liposuction for saddle bags

The liposuction procedure has been performed for decades. The common method used today, tumescent liposuction, is known for its gentleness, safety, and efficiency at removing the right amount of fat from the treatment area. The results of tumescent liposuction are natural looking and much more immediate than non-invasive treatments. In our state-of-the-art surgical center, the procedure is completed with local anesthetic. Tumescent fluid also contains anesthetic for advanced numbing. The effect of the tumescent fluid on fat cells results in swelling which aids in quick elimination through a very small cannula.

Non-invasive treatment for saddle bags

For those who want to avoid surgery, there is the option to reduce unwanted fat naturally by treating cells with intense cold. Dr. Shelton has been recognized as a certified provider for the performance of CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™. In one to three hours, without incisions or the need for recovery, the destruction of unwanted fat cells can be achieved. Results from this non-invasive technology develop gradually as fat cells are metabolized and eliminated. Upcoming off-label uses of Ultrashape fat reduction using non-painful ultrasound energy is promising.

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