ThermiTight treatment for firmer arms, abs, and more, is available in NYC

One of Dr. Ron Shelton’s priorities as a reputable aesthetic physician is to remain at the forefront of innovative technology. We are happy to be one of the first offices in the area to offer the ThermiTight® procedure.

Part of the ThermiRF system, ThermiTight® is a procedure that is not as aggressive as face lift procedures, but is more powerful than many of the common non-invasive anti-aging treatments. This technology is a wonderful solution to problematic areas in which the skin has loosened and begun to sag. Several areas respond well to ThermiTight®, including the arms, knees, thighs, back, abdomen, neck, and face. Although it is one of the newest treatments to hit NYC, ThermiTight® has been proven in extensive clinical trials to achieve the results that our patients desire.

Where ThermiTight® stands apart

The ThermiTight® technology has been developed around findings that suggest the skin responds especially well to heating of the deeper tissues, those at depths not easily treated from the surface. Rather than send thermal energy through the epidermis in hopes of eliciting the desired response, ThermiTight® treats the deeper tissues directly via a tiny probe.

The entire procedure is extremely precise. After administering local anesthesia, an opening the size of a pinprick is made in the skin. Using advanced imaging, we see the small probe beneath the skin. In a methodical pattern, the probe is moved around the treatment area, reaching the desired temperature. The surface of the skin is continually monitored with an infrared camera to prevent overheating. Compared to many surgical procedures, ThermiTight® requires much less time for full recovery.

When the cells in the dermis are precisely heated, they respond with an increased production of collagen. In the few weeks following treatment, the skin will begin to look tighter. Drooping jowls will tighten and reveal better definition. Sagging “bat wings” of the back will slowly disappear. A nice thing that has been noted by ThermiTight® patients is the longevity of progression. Up to eighteen months after treatment, the skin may continue to tighten and improve.

Dr. Ron Shelton believes that his patients deserve options. Not every procedure is right for every person or circumstance. In our Midtown Manhattan office, patients can learn about ThermiTight® and find out if this is their ideal solution for problematic skin. Call 212-561-5808 to explore your options.


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