NY Area Patients Ask, How Long does Sculptra Last in the Cheeks?

The face goes through many changes as patients age. Patients in and around the NY area who are struggling with the unwanted signs of aging often notice not only the development of fine lines and wrinkles due to skin laxity, but the loss of volume in specific areas of the face such as the cheeks. When patients are unhappy with the appearance of their face due to aging skin and loss of natural collagen, they may want to speak to a dermatologist in the area such as Dr. Ron Shelton about the advantages of injectable treatments.

There are many injectables that are available through the practice of Dr. Ron Shelton including neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and collagen stimulators. Our team can assist patients in determining the one best for their specific situation. Those who are dealing with collagen loss and skin laxity may benefit most from collagen stimulators including Sculptra®.

Sculptra® is a collagen stimulator that can be injected into areas such as the cheeks to improve volume  and reduce the sunken-in appearance that can happen when patients begin to age and experience collagen loss. While collagen is naturally occurring in the skin, it will start to decrease around the age of 30 and gradually result in a more aging face.

Many patients ask, how long does Sculptra® last in the cheeks? Scultpra® lasts for several years, but does require patients to have several injections completed for optimum results. Patients can space these appointments out as desired by speaking with Dr. Ron Shelton on his personal suggestions. Sculptra® helps by building up the stores of collagen where it is injected and therefore adding volume in places where it has been lost.

If you live in or around the area of Manhattan, NY and want to find out if Sculptra® is appropriate for your specific needs, contact the team at the practice of Dr. Ron Shelton by calling 212-561-5808. His practice used to assist patients in the area of the Upper East Side of Manhattan but currently serves those in the Midtown area. He offers cosmetic and medical dermatology solutions for patients in and around the community.


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