Don’t buy another cellulite cream; schedule an appointment with NYC dermatologist to get results

Like many products with big claims in glossy magazines, those designed to treat cellulite often don’t live up to those big promises.

After the umpteenth store-bought cellulite cream hasn’t worked, Dr. Ron Shelton and his team are there to deliver a safe treatment that actually makes a difference in those lumps, bumps, and dimples.

To understand why many products advertised as “miracle” creams don’t work is to understand a little about what’s going on underneath the surface of your uneven skin.

How cellulite is made


Your skin is connected to underlying muscle by way of fibrous cords. Fat is sandwiched between the tissue and muscle. While fat cells push up against the skin, sinewy cords pull down.
This tension creates the uneven surface characteristic of cellulite

Since the accumulation of fat cells exacerbates tension against the skin. For this reason, you may notice cellulite more after periods of weight gain or inactivity. That said, it’s estimated that around 90 percent of women of all shapes and sizes have this condition.

Think of how many times you have seen photos of otherwise skinny celebs with those familiar dimples on their backsides. While firming up with diet and exercise can help, due to the nature of women’s skin and body contours these habits alone probably won’t eliminate all your cellulite.

How techniques help


Instead of reaching for another cream with dubious claims, reach for the phone and dial 212-561-5808.

Dr. Ron Shelton and his team have helped patients with cellulite in Midtown NYC achieve smoother skin with both ThermiTight™ and Cellfina™.

ThermiTight uses radio frequency energy to reduce fat pockets that haven’t budged with diet or exercise and to tighten skin.

The heat derived from RF energy is a multi-tasker; it both destroys fat cells and stimulates the production of firming collagen to reveal a tighter, smoother surface.

Tension makes cellulite more visible. Cellfina™ takes direct aim at this process. This FDA-approved treatment releases those taut fibrous bands by way of a small, needle-sized device applied to the treated area. As affected skin bounces back, the peaks and valleys are smoothed out.

There are cellulite treatments that work; you just need to know where to look. Experience results by scheduling an appointment at the Manhattan office of Dr. Ron Shelton today.

Dr. Shelton will examine your condition and tell you if you’re a candidate for the procedure. Furthermore he will tell you if the dents in your skin are cellulite or rather normal anatomic linear bands that are not suited for treatment.


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