Patients in Midtown New York secure wrinkle-smoothing benefits, with little to no risks or downtime via Thermage™

At Dr. Ron Shelton’s office in Midtown Manhattan, wrinkles may be treated with fillers, lasers, or plasma skin resurfacing. Radio frequency (RF) energy may also be applied to treat lines and wrinkles on most parts of the body, including the face, neck, arms, and legs.

RF stands out from other electromagnetic frequencies. Instead of creating a surface effect in which the heat from the energy can be felt on the skin, RF may be applied and absorbed under the tissues painlessly without any heat sensation.

There are more than a few ways Dr. Shelton safely and effectively uses Radiofrequency energy to improve patients’ appearance. Generally, Thermage™ treatment involves the application of RF via a specially designed treatment tip. The energy comfortably and precisely penetrates tissue. Treatment areas ranging from around the eyes to the jawline are heated.

As the areas are heated, existing collagen is remodeled and new collagen is made. This protein is responsible for skin firmness. It is abundant in younger skin, but with age, the production of collagen decreases. This process contributes to sagging, wrinkling, and surface irregularities over time.

What to expect from a session

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, a Thermage™ treatment session may be completed within 45 to 90 minutes. You might see improvements immediately following treatment, but the real results will occur gradually as some of the underlying changes to your skin take place.

You can enjoy results with no surgery, little to no recovery and downtime, and no injections. Those improvements can last for years, depending on the condition of your skin and the way you age. Ultherapy utilizies ultrasound energy and has been very promising in showing tightening and lifting of facial skin, and other sites.

Not all patients demonstrate improvement with Thermage radiofrequency in our NYC practice.

Radio frequency energy is also applied via the ThermiTight™ system, which is a minimally invasive way to reduce notoriously stubborn pockets of fat that haven’t budged with rigorous exercise and diligent nutrition, such as the sides, abdomen, back, thighs, and back of the arms. It may also be used to reduce the dimples, lumps, and backs characteristic of cellulite.

In the past, invasive or drastic procedures like facelifts or liposuction might have been your only option if you wanted to smooth wrinkles, reduce stubborn fat, or tighten saggy skin. These procedures carry significant risks of complications, and require significant downtime.

To secure desired, natural results from Thermage™, call the New York City office of Dr. Ron Shelton at 212-561-5808.


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