New York City patients experience beautiful results after Clear and Brilliant treatment

The Clear + Brilliant® treatment combines the best of both worlds: You get dramatic results only without the side effects, risks of complications, and downtime associated with other laser therapies.

Lasers are traditionally categorized as non-ablative or ablative.

The non-ablative option does not injure or remove the outermost layers of skin. Instead, energy from the laser affects the underlying tissue to stimulate the production of beneficial substances such as collagen.

The ablative resurfacing technique is wounding, in that it targets the underlying tissue while also removing thin layers of skin. While side effects are mild and fleeting with the non-ablative approach, you may need a series of treatments to achieve the results you desire. With the ablative approach, all it may take is one treatment to achieve dramatic improvements in the look and feel of your skin; however, your skin will be itchy, swollen, and red post-treatment.

Clear + Brilliant® is a fractional laser treatment. You are able to see a dramatic difference in your skin without the side effects of an ablative technique, as this type of laser treats a fraction of tissue at a time by creating millions of microscopic zones. This approach allows Dr. Ron Shelton to leave 80 percent of tissue untouched. These untreated areas help to promote speedy healing.

Clear + Brilliant® gets its name from the progressive results you can expect to see immediately with optimal results achieved within, on average, around 4 to 6, 20-minute sessions. If you have dull, lackluster skin, or it has a dry, leathery texture, you may be a good candidate for Clear + Brillant®:

Furthermore, Dr. Shelton offers Clear + Brilliant® Perméa. This approach evens out skin tone by addressing hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. The Perméa name comes from permeability; this treatment is designed to enhance the effectiveness of skincare products. In fact, Clear + Brilliant® is often used as part of an ongoing skincare regimen, of which Dr. Shelton can customize treatment to your needs and goals.

The effects of sun exposure and environmental and lifestyle conditions can age you prematurely. You may look older than your years. You can prevent further damage or premature aging with Clear + Brilliant®. To experience softer, luminous, and more even skin, turn to Dr. Shelton and his team in New York City. Call 212-561-5808 to schedule an appointment.


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