NY Patients Experience Safe Transformation Before and After Zeltiq Treatment

Zeltiq® treatment is CoolSculpting® treatment, and this approach can be used to reduce stubborn fat bulges that haven’t responded to diet or exercise.

Founded in 2005, Zeltiq® Aesthetics based its CoolSculpting® system off of “cryolipolysis.” This science takes into account that fat cells respond differently to outside stimuli than other cells. In turn, fat is more sensitive to cold temperatures than overlying and surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpting® can selectively reduce those pinchable areas of unwanted fat where some diets and fat reduction techniques have either had little to no effect, or may have resulted in your “yo-yo’ing” between “before” and “after” versions of yourself.

Through CoolSculpting by Zeltiq’s unique approach, you can safely retain that desired “after” version of yourself, no drastic surgeries or crash diets required!

 You may be a candidate if Before” CoolSculpting® treatment:

  • You have noticeable bulges in areas such as the sides, around the middle, upper thighs, and behind the arms or back
  • You are otherwise healthy, within a normal range or close to it
  • You desire an alternative to surgical fat reduction, such as liposuction

If you are obese, other procedures such as gastric bypass may be more suitable. CoolSculpting® is a fat reduction and not a weight loss technique.

Consider how when you lose weight, the fat cells become smaller but the cells don’t go away. When you gain weight, those cells will return to a bigger size.

The CoolSculpting® procedure works so well in part because it actually reduces the total number of fat cells in the treated areas. When fat cells no longer exist, they can’t grow any larger.

In turn, After CoolSculpting® treatment look forward to:

  • Lasting results because once fat is gone, it’s gone for good
  • Evenly-distributed weight gain; unlike other techniques, if you do gain weight it will be distributed throughout the body and not specifically to treated, localized pockets
  • Noticeable changes in as little as three weeks
  • Since crystallizing or freezing treated fat cells is a process, expect to see full results in about 2 months
  • Within one session you may notice up to 1 centimeter of fat layer reduction, with no damage to surrounding skin or untreated tissues
  • Your body will continue to naturally and safely eliminate fat cells from the treated area for 4 to 6 months

Zeltiq® reports the average patient experienced a 22.4 percent reduction in fat 4 months after treatment, with results remaining visible 2 and 5 years post-procedure (and even with weight fluctuations).

While you may experience some swelling, numbness, and bruising it typically resolves within 7 days. No scars, ulcerations, or changes to blood lipid and liver function have been reported so Dr. Shelton is pleased to offer an FDA-cleared approach that is both effective and very safe.

Afterward, you don’t have to build a new life around CoolSculpting® treatment. That means no new diets or exercise regimens to maintain your newly-toned physique. If anything, many patients report the procedure is motivator. You may find yourself taking better care of your health, and when you’re healthy it shows. To experience the transformation, “Before and After Zeltiq Treatment” for yourself, schedule an appointment with your trusted NY specialist, Dr. Ron Shelton. Call 202-561-5808.


Specialist Provides Accurate Lipomas Diagnosis, Can Rule Out More Serious Conditions in NYC

Any new lumps and bumps are understandably cause for concern, but know that doughy masses called lipomas are common and harmless. In fact, its’ estimated 1 of every 1,000 people will develop this fatty, slow-growing lump between the skin and underlying muscle. About 20 percent of those affected will develop more than one lipoma.

All this said, it’s important to have any new bumps, especially those that have grown rapidly or are painful, evaluated by Dr. Ron Shelton. In very rare cases, these lumps may not be lipomas at all. Liposarcomas occur at a rate of 2.5 cases per 1 million people. These cancers are present in fatty tissues. Some features distinguish these tumors from benign lipomas, such as:

  • Fast growth
  • Tender or painful sensation
  • Firm, can’t be moved when you press on them

While lipomas can sometimes grow 8 inches across, they are usually no more than 2 inches around. They tend to appear on the shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and underarms, and thighs. They are thought to run in families, and some very rare inherited disorders such as Cowden’s and Gardner’s syndromes are associated with multiple lipomas. You are more likely to develop these fatty bulges between the ages of 40 to 60.

Lipomas typically are self-contained and don’t invade surrounding tissue. However, you may wish to have the lipoma removed should it affect muscle development, or press on nearby nerves. You may be self-conscious about how these bumps look, especially if they are larger than the typical lipoma or occur in visible areas.

Before any bumps may be removed, Dr. Shelton will diagnose the true nature of any lumps or swelling. He will examine your skin. If the suspect area is very large or appears to be deeper than the fatty tissue, an ultrasound or other imaging may be recommended for proper diagnosis.

If Dr. Shelton confirms the presence of a harmless lipoma, you may wish to monitor the spot or have it removed entirely. Removal requires little more than a minor surgery with local anesthetic. A small incision will be made and the lipoma can either be squeezed out or suctioned out using a thin cannula or tube.

Unlike other types of conditions, recurrences are infrequent. Lipomas do not increase your risk for other diseases, and lasting scarring or bruising post-removal is rare. There is no reason to spend another day worrying about suspicious bumps and lumps, especially when your answer to accurate lipomas diagnosis and removal is available in Midtown NYC, courtesy of Dr. Ron Shelton. Call 202-561-5808 to schedule an appointment.

Specialist in Laser Therapies Discusses Results of Safe, Efficient Hair Removal Method in New York

For a long time a lasting alternative to waxing, shaving, messy depilatory creams, or tweezing could only be found at the end of an electrolysis device.

However, this method for hair reduction was no more comfortable (and arguably far more uncomfortable) than the other, shorter-acting “conventional” methods to remove hair. Plus, electrolysis requires each hair follicle be treated one at a time. A small needle is inserted into the follicle where hair originates. The needle emits an electric pulse, which damages the follicle. Imagine the time, money, and the pain associated with such a procedure!

Introducing a patient-approved smoothing technique

Luckily, you have a better option at Dr. Ron Shelton’s Midtown office, and it’s called “laser hair removal.” This procedure uses “selective photothermolysis” to treat hundreds of hair follicles in one pass.

When the laser device is applied to the treatment area, it delivers energy in the form of light. This energy produces enough heat to sufficiently and safely damage the treatment area. Common areas of unwanted hair such as underarms or legs are treated, while surrounding tissues and structures remain untouched.

Traditionally, the laser’s effectiveness depended partly on the patient’s complexion and the color of the hair because the device seeks out the melanin or pigment in the hair. Modern lasers are effective for a wider range of patients, which makes this method of hair reduction more inclusive than it has been in the past.

Looking forward to a razor-free lifestyle

Speaking of laser hair removal results, patients in New York near Dr. Shelton’s Midtown office may notice hair shedding in the days and weeks following treatment. Don’t mistake this for hair regrowth. The shedding is a sign that this method is working. That said, hair regrowth is still possible but can easily be remedied. After completing a series of treatments as recommended by Dr. Shelton, “touch-up” sessions may be needed on an annual basis.

Lasers can only effectively treat hairs when they are in the active growth phase. Since not all hairs grow at the same time, up to half of those hairs can be in a resting phase. For this reason, multiple sessions are required to catch those hairs that were in the resting phase during prior treatments.

Results can vary from patient to patient, depending partly on factors such as age, hormones, and individual hair growth cycles. To find out more about this efficient, comfortable, and lasting alternative to shaving and electrolysis, schedule an appointment. Call 202-561-5808.