Specialist in Laser Therapies Discusses Results of Safe, Efficient Hair Removal Method in New York

For a long time a lasting alternative to waxing, shaving, messy depilatory creams, or tweezing could only be found at the end of an electrolysis device.

However, this method for hair reduction was no more comfortable (and arguably far more uncomfortable) than the other, shorter-acting “conventional” methods to remove hair. Plus, electrolysis requires each hair follicle be treated one at a time. A small needle is inserted into the follicle where hair originates. The needle emits an electric pulse, which damages the follicle. Imagine the time, money, and the pain associated with such a procedure!

Introducing a patient-approved smoothing technique

Luckily, you have a better option at Dr. Ron Shelton’s Midtown office, and it’s called “laser hair removal.” This procedure uses “selective photothermolysis” to treat hundreds of hair follicles in one pass.

When the laser device is applied to the treatment area, it delivers energy in the form of light. This energy produces enough heat to sufficiently and safely damage the treatment area. Common areas of unwanted hair such as underarms or legs are treated, while surrounding tissues and structures remain untouched.

Traditionally, the laser’s effectiveness depended partly on the patient’s complexion and the color of the hair because the device seeks out the melanin or pigment in the hair. Modern lasers are effective for a wider range of patients, which makes this method of hair reduction more inclusive than it has been in the past.

Looking forward to a razor-free lifestyle

Speaking of laser hair removal results, patients in New York near Dr. Shelton’s Midtown office may notice hair shedding in the days and weeks following treatment. Don’t mistake this for hair regrowth. The shedding is a sign that this method is working. That said, hair regrowth is still possible but can easily be remedied. After completing a series of treatments as recommended by Dr. Shelton, “touch-up” sessions may be needed on an annual basis.

Lasers can only effectively treat hairs when they are in the active growth phase. Since not all hairs grow at the same time, up to half of those hairs can be in a resting phase. For this reason, multiple sessions are required to catch those hairs that were in the resting phase during prior treatments.

Results can vary from patient to patient, depending partly on factors such as age, hormones, and individual hair growth cycles. To find out more about this efficient, comfortable, and lasting alternative to shaving and electrolysis, schedule an appointment. Call 202-561-5808.


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