Types of Skin Cancers NYC explained by Dr. Ron Shelton

Dr.Ron Shelton subspecializes in cosmetic and surgical aspects of dermatology and does not perform body checks. Patients are referred to him, after having a biopsy-proven diagnosis of skin cancer for its surgical removal.

Watch before / after photos of patients here: http://www.thenyac.com/gallery/mohs-micrographic-reconstruction.html

Types of skin cancers in NYC for further study: http://www.thenyac.com/skincancer/


Mohs Surgery in NYC by Dr.Ron Shelton


#Mohs Surgery by Dr.Ron Shelton
Post Mohs and results after 4 weeks.http://www.thenyac.com/gallery/mohs-micrographic-reconstruction.html

Mohs surgery is one of the most thorough and effective treatments available for skin cancer