Halo Laser for wrinkles Age spots Acne scars Sun damage by Dr Ron Shelton

With age, your skin loses its once youthful glow. Halo™ hybrid fractional laser minimises years of skin damage and gets that glow back. Halo™ hybrid laser technology device by Sciton can now offer a total skin rejuvenation treatment.

Areas Treated:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands

Conditions treated:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Pore size

Benefits of the Halo™ Fractional Laser:

  • Improves the skin‘s tone and laxity
  • Addresses sun damaged areas
  • Diminishes the look of large pores
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Makes skin’s texture more smoother
  • Reduces deep areas of hyper-pigmentation
  • Requires less downtime than similar laser treatments
  • The laser energy level can be adjusted for each individual patient

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Read more details at: http://www.thenyac.com/halo-laser/

See before and after photos of Dr. Ron Shelton’s real patients: http://www.thenyac.com/gallery/halo-laser.html


Fraxel Repair Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles & Acne Scars in NYC by Dr. Ron Shelton


Fraxel® RePair is a revolutionary new way to repair aged and damaged skin. Gravitational signs of aging, sun damaged-skin, and wrinkles are the main concerns that are addressed with a Fraxel RePair NYC treatment without adverse reactions.

However individual results may vary. Fraxel® RePair C02 removes years from your appearance by correcting deep wrinkles, tighten your skin, improve age spots, sun spots and sun-induced redness and improve your skin’s texture. Fraxel® RePair is used for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Crepey skin
  • Poor texture
  • Poor elasticity
  • Acne scars
  • Photo rejuvenation
  • Surgical scar revision
  • Tightening sagging skin

Book a Consultation today by calling (212) 593 1818 without delay with Dr.Shelton. As a prior patient of Dr. Shelton, there will be no consultation fee for the visit.

Helping patients in NYC prepare for wrinkle treatment with ThermiSmooth™

ThermiSmooth™ is a member of the ThermiAesthetics™ family of ThermiRF™ FDA cleared aesthetic devices. That’s a lot of “thermis,” but the important thing to remember about ThermiSmooth™ is it’s effectiveness as a non-surgical, non-invasive wrinkle treatment.

This system improves the appearance of wrinkles through controlled radiofrequency (RF) technology. Regulated, precise delivery of RF energy at the surface heats deep layers of skin, shrinking collagen and engaging the body’s natural healing processes – specifically the production of new collagen bundles. Skin becomes firmer right away, and wrinkles continue to smooth for several months.

There’s no downtime following treatment and no specific recovery protocol. However, I like to be sure my patients follow this simple pre-treatment advice for the most satisfying experience and results that are long lasting:

  • Please don’t smoke. Your skin responds better to any type of rejuvenation treatment when it has not been exposed to dehydration and toxic chemicals from smoke. A six week respite is ideal to speed healing from ThermiSmooth™ treatment, and your whole body will thank you for quitting completely.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs and supplements for two weeks. ThermiSmooth™ is very gentle treatment, but aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications and herbal remedies (including fish oil, vitamin D, capsaicin, glucosamine sulfate, and others) increase risk of undesirable side effects from treatment – temporary redness and swelling.
  • Tell me about other medications you are using. Even topical creams can influence the outcome of ThermiSmooth™, so it is important that we discuss any medications you are using, before treatment.
  • Hydrate! Plenty of plain, fresh water before and after treatment helps you feel great and provides hydration your body needs to rejuvenate efficiently.
  • TNS Essential Serum’s growth factors augment the ability of ThermiSmooth™ to stimulate collagen production. Don’t purchase this product from the internet as the source is not reliable. This company does not sell to third parties, and even on “trusted” sites the seller may have stored the product in a hot, non air-conditioned warehouse or truck which deactivates the fibroblast growth factor. Saving a few dollars will, in the end, cost more money if the product is counterfeit or rendered ineffective from inappropriate storage. Our practice dispenses only products that are obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Remember, call 212-561-5808 and ask for me by name – Dr. Ron Shelton.

Dr. Ron Shelton, formerly having practiced on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC, is now located in Midtown Manhattan.

Do New York City patients really need Voluma™


Dermal fillers aren’t new. Soft tissue augmentation for cosmetic improvement was pioneered in the 1800s. The first FDA-approved injectable filler became commercially available in the United States in 1981. Today we use an assortment of safe, effective dermal fillers from a number of reputable manufacturers to lift, soften wrinkles, augment lips, and contour facial planes.

So you may be wondering why patients in New York City need Voluma™, yet another dermal filler. The answer is that no one product is right for every patient, every treatment area, or type of enhancement. Voluma™ is the first and only injectable filler approved by the FDA for a very specific purpose – instant correction of volume loss in the midcheek area. It has a longevity that may be double normal fillers – Voluma™ can last up to two years.

As we age our faces lose hydration, fat, muscle tone, and even bone. That causes youthful, smooth contours to become more angular, and allows hollows to develop beneath the cheek bones. Without supportive volume, skin sags into wrinkles and folds.

Voluma™ is a smooth, clear gel formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA). This substance occurs naturally in skin and binds to water to provide plumpness. But HA levels decrease as we age, and in response to UV exposure, environmental pollutants, and smoking.


Voluma™ replenishes HA at this precise area, providing instant uplift that softens the appearance of wrinkles and restores rounded contours. A treatment session takes only about 30 minutes, and there is essentially no downtime. Results are long-lasting – about two years in clinical studies.

Yes, as an experienced, Board certified dermatologist I already have a variety of weapons in my arsenal of non-surgical, minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques. And yes, there is room for one more. I use Voluma™ along with neuromodulators and other types of soft tissue fillers, in customized combination protocols specifically designed for each individual patient.

Voluma™ is a powerful tool for a younger looking you.

Pellevé gives New York City patients firmer skin without pain



Click on the above image to view the video.

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was the only solution to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Today, however, men and women in New York City are fortunate to have a variety of convenient and cost effective, surgery free options. These non- and minimally invasive treatments are ideal for patients who need more rejuvenation than a topical cream can deliver, but aren’t ready for cutting, sutures, recovery time, or scars.

During an initial consultation, I often hear the concern, “will it hurt?” While we take every measure to ensure that patients have comfortable treatment experiences, I make it a rule to answer questions like that very frankly. Procedures like injectables that pierce the skin naturally pinch a little, and some patients are sensitive to treatments that heat or cool deep tissue layers. I can, however, assure every patient that skin tightening treatment with Pellevé is not painful. In fact, if there is any sensation of pain, the patient is supposed to tell the provider who dials down the energy. It’s actually a pleasant sensation for most people and it is often described as a deep heat massage.

We use a mobile hand piece to basically give a facial massage. As the device sends radiofrequency energy to the deep skin strata that meets the fat layer, it creates a warming sensation – but it is not at all painful. No anesthesia is needed, and normal activities (including wearing makeup) may be resumed right away.

The RF energy creates a thermal response in the skin’s collagen bundles. They contract and produce new collagen, providing a firm, smoother foundation for surface skin. Results that are immediate are from microscopic swelling. Fine lines look better and this is often used by patients to have a treatment a day before an evening function to look better. The real improvement occurs as skin tone and texture continues to occur over three to six months. Four treatments are ideally done as a series, two to three weeks apart. The improvement can last more than a year and maintenance treatment can help one stay ahead of the aging curve. I’m pleased to offer Pellevé to patients of The New York Aesthetic Consultants. This pain-free skin tightening option is very effective, alone or in combination with other treatments like neuromodulators (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers, and skin resurfacing techniques.

NYC patients ask if Restylane is better than other soft tissue fillers


Dermal fillers are an extremely popular aesthetic treatment in NYC for very good reasons. The procedure is minimally invasive, requiring only injections so there’s none of the risks or recovery time associated with cosmetic surgery. Fillers effectively add volume to improve facial contours and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. However, the change is subtle and natural. It is also temporary, with duration depending on the type of filler used. That can be comforting to first timers. In my experience, though, patients love the results and are eager to schedule periodic touch-ups.

One of the questions I often get from patients new to the soft tissue filler experience is, “Which dermal filler is best?” or sometimes more specifically, “Is Restylane better than other fillers?”

No one product is best. I work with a variety of soft tissue fillers because I believe that each patient deserves a customized program of injectable treatment designed to resolve his or her specific concerns. Each type of filler is FDA approved for a specific purpose, and safe to use off label in experienced hands. I also integrate neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport and light and laser resurfacing techniques into those protocols for maximum rejuvenation.

Restylane, from Medicis, is popular because the brand name gets a lot of marketing exposure, although, Juvederm from Allergan, has been gaining a considerable market share and has developed name-branding. I enjoy working with Juvederm around the mouth because of its versatility, soft-to-the touch feel after its in the skin, and how easy it flows during the treatment. The hyaluronic acid formulation grabs many times its own weight in moisture to add volume and definition to lips. I use it to further enhance the mouth by smoothing nasolabial folds (from nose to mouth) and sad mouth corners. In some cases it is appropriate for forehead lines and crow’s feet, and contouring the chin, nose, and forehead.

No, Restylane isn’t better than other dermal fillers. But it has been one of my powerful tools for delivering more youthful complexions.