How NYC area patients can achieve non-surgical face lifting

Dr. Ron Shelton is a board certified dermatologist in the NYC area who sub specializes, and whose practice is limited to dermatologic surgery. He offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic solutions to patients who visit his practice and are serious about achieving more attractive skin and better health and wellness. He welcomes new patients to his practice and encourages them to contact his NYC area practice to learn about anti-aging solutions such as non-surgical face lifting.

Non-surgical face lifting is a common request by men and women who are dealing with the signs of aging. Skin laxity can occur over the years due to the reduction of natural collagen, which adds volume and keeps the skin looking youthful. When collagen is naturally lost, which starts around the age of thirty, the skin is not nearly as tight as it used to be. This results in sagging and drooping of the skin over the years caused by skin laxity. This also causes patients to experience unwanted fine lines and wrinkles on the face that can make them look older than they feel. When patients come to our practice, they are often seeking an alternative to plastic surgery.

Our practice offers many treatments that can help in providing patients with non-surgical face lifting. For some, injectable fillers may be suggested. Injections such as hyaluronic acid or collagen stimulators work in adding volume and stimulating collagen production to reduce skin laxity and target unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face.

Another non-surgical solution may be laser therapies. Many of these treatments use devices that are applied to the face to stimulate collagen production. At the same time, they may also smooth the texture and tone of the face and therefore, reduce fine lines and wrinkles that may already be present. We also offer many radio frequency and ultrasound technologies, which are known to tighten and lift the skin, providing similar results in a non-invasive manner.

Dr. Ron Shelton, formerly having a practice in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC, is now located in Midtown Manhattan. He can be reached at (212) 561-5808 and patients are encouraged to ask for him specifically when calling to book a consultation visit at his practice.


Who’s the best doctor in NYC for Ultherapy?


Dr. Ron Shelton, the director of The New York Aeshetic Consultants, LLP, both holds an academic position as an Associate Professor at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, where he teaches dermatology residents and international cosmetic dermatology fellows, and Dr. Shelton also has a very successful cosmetic dermatologic surgical practice in which he has performed many Ultherapy procedures since  shortly after FDA clearance was given for the device.  Dr. Shelton has had hands on training with the inventor of Ultherapy and has perfected its technique in his own office.

Dr. Shelton has the latest upgrade on the Ultherapy unit and appreciates, how without surgery, he can provide lifting to sagging facial skin.  He always personally sees his patients first in consultation, to ensure that they are candidates for Ultherapy.  During the consultation he explains to his patients what they may see as a result of the procedure. For some patients, it is a lifting of the forehead to raise the eyebrows, which in turn, help lift the sagging upper eyelids.  Many women first notice their upper eyelids are sagging because they need to lift the upper lid with one hand while applying eyeshadow with the other. They may not be ready for a blepharoplasty surgery and the Ultherapy may be a good alternative for them.  Many times, a combination of Botox chemical brow lift and Utlherapy help produce even a better result.

Ultherapy helps bring the lower cheek sagging into the mid cheek area from where it came. This produces a more youthful appearance without surgery.  The smile creases may improve with this technique.  Ultherapy also helps tighten sagging necks and provides a better neck and jaw profile.

Dr. Shelton helps his patients feel more comfortable during the procedure by giving them oral medication and his assistants are always at the patient’s side providing TLC.

Some patients are not good candidates and are not expected to obtain good enough results from the Ultherapy. This may be a terribly sun-damaged person whose elasticity has been damaged, or a person who is very elderly and has very thin skin and excessive jowls.  Dr. Shelton always is very clear with his patients to let them know if a procedure in which they’re interested is not the best for them.

Ultherapy is a great treatment for non-invasive facial rejuvenation.

Who is the best doctor for Voluma in NYC?



Dr. Shelton, the director of The New York Aesthetic Consultants, a multigroup cosmetic practice on the Upper EastSide of Manhattan, strives to produce natural looking results to refresh his patients rather than making them look artificial and alien.  He is an associate professor of the Mounts Sinai Medical Center in NYC and teaches  his techniques to many physicians.

Voluma, a hyaluronic acid filler, is designed to provide fullness to the cheekbone area of the mid face. As we age, we lose fat mass deep in the face, below the muscles and above the bone.  This fat loss contributes to a lack of support that lowers the mid cheek into the lower cheek and the smile folds worsen and jowls begin to form.  Flattening and even a concave depression in the mid face area creates a contour of the face that we perceive as of being old. Slight improvement or refreshing this appearance, without changing the patient’s face to something it never was, creates an immediate rejuvenization. Patients look natural.

Dr. Shelton listens to his patient’s concerns and shows them with a mirror what they may expect by having Voluma injections.  The procedure is a relatively easy procedure for the patient to experience and there is minimal downtime. With any injectable though, one has to be prepared for possible bruising and one should not do the treatment right before a big social event. Some patients know they are prone to bruising and they should allow two weeks before an important function if they have bruising from Voluma or other fillers or Botox.

How Do I find a good New York City doctor for Botox?

Dr Ron Shelton NYC

Dr Ron Shelton

Dr. Ron Shelton wrote a book that is very easy to understand and explains the cosmetic uses of Botox. This was published by Penguin Putnam publishers.  Dr. Shelton teaches cosmetic dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC to dermatology residents and he has international cosmetic dermatology fellows that rotate in his office for observation of his skills.

Dr. Shelton treats many dermatologists who choose to come to him so they can receive Botox treatment. Who else is better to judge who is the right cosmetic dermatologist for them than a dermatologist who injects Botox in their patients?

Dr. Shelton is very conservative and listens to his patients concerns and explains the approach prior to treating his patients with Botox. It is very important that his patients receive a natural appearance and not be overdone.

Contact our office to schedule your Botox treatment on 347-732-5566.

Some of the finest faces in NYC are finding balance with Belotero


Dermal fillers have been around since about 1900. These compounds, which are injected beneath the skin to add youthful volume and soften the appearance of wrinkles, are constantly evolving – becoming more effective and even safer.

One of the newest kids on the non-invasive rejuvenation block is Belotero Balance, brought to us by Merz Aesthetics. The FDA approved this transparent hyaluronic acid formulation in November 2011. It improves the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, especially those around the nose and mouth.

What makes Belotero different? And why are women and men in NYC so anxious to give it a try? Let’s take a look:

  • Belotero integrates into your unique facial contours, enhancing individuality for a very natural look.
  • It is versatile. This one product is delicate enough to treat fine vertical lip lines, and sufficiently robust for deep nasolabial folds (the smile lines that form around your mouth).
  • The hyaluronic acid (HA) in Belotero is a natural part of your skin’s composition. After injection, HA binds with water to plump and smooth wrinkles even more.
  • There’s no waiting – results are instant and last about six month; longer for some patients.
  • Belotero is convenient. Treatment sessions are brief (usually an hour or less), and are performed right in our office.
  • There is zero downtime! You may return to work or other activities right away. Some patients experience a little redness or minor bruising at injections sites, but it is quite temporary and easily concealed with makeup.

I am very pleased to bring Belotero to NYC, because I believe in its effectiveness and safety – otherwise I wouldn’t offer it to patients of The New York Aesthetic Consultants. I find that Belotero works well alone, and in combination with Botox and fillers. When I design an individualized non-surgical facial rejuvenation program for a patient, I use Belotero Balance to complement techniques such as Fraxel and Portrait Plasma, and advanced skin tightening methodologies such as Pellevé, Ultherapy, and Thermage.

Give yourself a Younger Appearance with Botox™ in NYC!


Botox™, which is the commercial name for the Botulinum Toxin, is an aesthetic dermatology treatment that is used to eliminate lines and wrinkles on the face. This treatment’s outcomes take around two days to a week to appear, and very rarely will it take over two weeks. What Botox™ does is it numbs certain muscles in the area to which it was injected, thus relaxing these muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face.

Apart from being an anti-aging treatment, Botox™ is utilized to treat spasticity in the muscles of patients who are unable to sit up straight or are crooked. For this purpose, neurologists use doses as high as 400 units, whereas only smaller amounts are used in dermatology such as 100 units or a little more. Contrary to popular belief, the duration and effectiveness of Botox™ is dependent on the units that are used and not the number of injections used.

The Botox™ treatment involves an injection to deliver it to the area that needs treatment. This results in the muscles in the treatment area becoming relaxed by blocking the signals that the nerve sends to the muscle. This treatment is ideal for aesthetic corrections for muscle of the forehead, the muscles amid the eyebrows, and the muscles around the eye. Apart from this, Botox™ is also used to treat crow’s feet, horizontal lines as well as vertical lines on the forehead. While Botox™ will help in reducing the action of the muscle, the lines and wrinkles will not immediately fade away; it will take a couple of days.

Although the aesthetic outcomes of a single Botox treatment will last for around six months, the patient will have to go back for touch-up treatments to make sure the results last for a longer period of time. If a patient uses Botox™ before the lines and wrinkles become very deep, they will notice a considerable improvement in the appearance of these facial lines in a couple of days after the injection.